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Diving computer Freedom Closed Circuit is a higher version of DIVESOFT technical diving computers. This version offer CCR on-line...
959.00 EUR
The Halcyon Quick-adjust harness sets a new standard in recreational and technical BC systems. The Cinch (patent pending) can be used with...
98.00 EUR
Regulator Adjusting Tool 
Excellent tool for regulator adjusting. In one step you can adjust medium pressure from 1.stage and fine adjust 2.stage. All this with...
65.00 EUR
LOLA FOKUS - compact backup light 
Really small and robust backup light long only 115mm with diameter 24mm. Body from stainless steel with delrin ends. Weight in water...
82.00 EUR
GoPro HERO 3 camera housing150m standard 
Underwater housing for GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras Operating range up to 150m/500ft Standard kit with flat housing back for camera...
216.00 EUR
GoPro HERO 3 camera housing ALU 300m LCD 
Underwater housing for GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras with installed LCD back or additional battery. Operating range up to...
376.00 EUR
HID Bulb 10W 
10W HID bulb compatible with most common 10W diving lights. Comaptible with: DTD Halcyon (check version) DiveRite(check version)
89.00 EUR
GoPro camera housing Combo 150m  
Underwater housing for GoPro cameras HERO and HERO2 Operating range up to 150m/500ft Combo kit with two housing backs: - flat back for...
272.00 EUR
DUX balanced P-valve 
DUX balanced P-valve is a necessary addition to any male diver's wet or dry suit. The balanced system increases comfort and confidence...
68.00 EUR
DUX Primary Reel 60m 
DUX primary reel with 60 meters line and stainless steel double-ender. Handle and spool are machined from solid Delrin. Central spindle...
100.00 EUR
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