I. General Provisions
These Terms & Conditions of Sale shall regulate the duties and discretions of the Seller (company BLUE-CELL, s.r.o.) and the Buyer (a person who makes a Purchase Contract with company BLUE-CELL , s.r.o., through an offer in form of a properly completed order form available at the DIR-Shop.cz e-shop and the Order acceptance by company BLUE-CELL, s.r.o.) Unless otherwise provided for in these Terms & Conditions of Sale, the Purchase Contract made on the above mentioned basis shall be governed by provisions of generally binding legal regulations including, without limitation, Civil Code or Commercial Code.

Individual goods descriptions are for information purposes only; they may be subject to change in information contents.

The Seller is a VAT payer – all the prices shown at the E-shop are final prices (including VAT).

By completing a registration form or placing a binding order at DIR-Shop.cz e-shop, the Buyer agrees the Seller to collect and keep personal data on the Buyer and his/her purchases. The Seller undertakes not to disclose those data to any third parties without the consent of the Buyer, except for the third parties directly participating in the supply of the goods ordered (such as a bank, post or carrier).

II. Order; Making a Contract
1. By sending a properly completed order form, the registered customer agrees to the Terms & Conditions of Sale of the www.dir-shop.cz e-shop.

2. An order form sent by the Buyer to the Seller shall be a Draft Purchase Contract and it shall be deemed to be binding unless otherwise provided for in these Terms & Conditions of Sale. The Order must include the following data: name of the Buyer, e-mail, phone contacts to verify the Order, delivery address (by arrangement, the delivery address will not be required if the goods is taken personally by the Buyer) and manner of delivery.

3. The Seller reserves the right to change the price; the Buyer shall be notified by the Seller of the final price through an e-mail message on the Order acceptance, which is also used to verify the Order. In case of any Order over CZK 5,000.- , the Seller reserves the right to verify that Order by phone. The Purchase Contract shall be formed by accepting the Order by the Seller or by the goods delivery itself. If the Buyer refuses to authorise the Order in a required manner, the Order shall be deemed to be invalid.

III. Order Cancellation
Order Cancellation by the Buyer

The Buyer is entitled to cancel his/her Order placed with the Seller without giving any reason within 24 hours of the time of his/her sending off the Order. That cancellation may be done via phone, e-mail or fax.

Order Cancellation by the Seller The Seller reserves the right to cancel an Order or its part if:

· the goods is not manufactured or supplied anymore; or
· the price has changed substantially.

If those situations arise, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer via e-mail or phone to specify a next procedure (replacement of the goods ordered by other goods, order cancellation, ...).

IV. Delivery Terms & Conditions
1. The place of fulfilment shall be the delivery address stated by the Buyer in his/her Order.

2. The goods shall be deemed to be delivered in the following events: if it is personally taken, after a prior arrangement, by the Buyer or if it is handed over by the Seller to the first carrier to transport it to the Buyer. The title to the goods shall pass to the Buyer, provided that the Buyer has paid the purchase price, by taking it by Buyer.

3. The Seller shall deliver the goods within a shortest possible time period:

- the goods available in store shall be supplied immediately after the Order is authorised, however, that will not be done sooner than 24 hours after the Order is sent off by the Buyer (cancellation period).
- if the Buyer places an Order for goods that is not available in store, he/she shall be notified by the Seller of the delivery period via e-mail or phone.
The Seller reserves the right to extend the delivery period if any unforeseeable events occur. In that event, the Seller shall immediately notify the Buyer of the delivery period extension.

V. Payment Terms & Conditions; Manners of Delivery

1. The purchase price for the goods shall be due and payable upon taking the goods by the Buyer. In addition, the Buyer shall pay possible transport costs (postage and freight).

2. If a large volume of goods or a large number of a commodity is to be purchased by a customer, it will be possible for that customer to arrange special prices or conditions by phone. Special prices may also be awarded in individual sales or marketing events.

At present, there are three possibilities of paying for retail goods:

1. Payment using payment cards - at our e-shop or if the goods is taken personally by the Buyer, after a prior arrangement, at the office through a terminal. We accept the payment cards listed in the e-shop.

2. Cash payment – if the goods is taken personally by the Buyer or, after a prior arrangement, C.O.D. In case of C.O.D., the goods is delivered through Česká Pošta (Czech Post Company). In case the Order is under CZK 10,000.- or the goods is to be supplied abroad (outside the Czech Republic), postage shall be charged based on effective rates of Česká pošta. In case an Order is over CZK 10,000.- and the goods is to be supplied within the Czech Republic, postage shall be paid by the Seller.

3. Advance payment by bank transfer credited to the Seller´s account opened with FIO banka, a.s., Acc. No. 2200349652 / 2010 (CZK payments),
Volksbank Löbau-Zittau eG IBAN: DE94 8559 0100 4558 5704 02, BIC: GENODEF1NGS (EUR payments). Payments for the goods can be made in CZK and EUR. In case of an advance payment, the goods shall be dispatched through GLS forwarding service. In case of an Order under CZK 10,000.- or supplies abroad (outside the Czech Republic), freight shall be charged according to rates of company GLS. In case an Order is over CZK 10,000.- and the goods is to be supplied within the Czech Republic, freight shall be paid by the Seller.

Packing shall not be charged by the Seller.

VI. Complaints
Pursuant to law, the Seller guarantees that the goods supplied will be free of defects in material and/or workmanship within the period stated in the warranty certificate, provided that the instructions specified in directions for use of the goods supplied are observed (such as warranty service inspections, no unauthorised modifications, no misuse, no warranty for unauthorised parts used, etc.).

The Seller particularly points out the fact that the warranty shall not apply to any damage of the goods supplied resulting from a use of that product together with a non-original part or accessories not approved by the manufacturer. In addition, the warranty shall not apply to any mechanical damages or damages caused by an unskilled use of the goods, wear or other external effects.

The Buyer shall be obliged to immediately notify the Seller of the defect found in material and/or workmanship of the goods supplied; that notification shall be done via e-mail or fax on a specified form, which is available at the web site of the DIR-Shop.cz e-shop.

After the Seller acknowledges the receipt of the complaint form, the Buyer shall send the goods under claim to the address of the Seller´s seat at his/her own costs and risk. The Buyer shall send a copy of the warranty certificate and the complaint form completed in a printed form together with the goods under claim otherwise the claim of the Buyer can not be accepted.

The Seller reserves the right to assess, after discussing the claim with the manufacturer, the justifiability of the claim.

If the Buyer´s claim is justified, the Seller shall repair the goods at its own cost within 30 days; if an irreparable defect occurs, the Seller shall replace the goods and send, at its own cost, the goods replaced to the Buyer. If it is not possible to replace the defective goods, the Seller shall return the Buyer the purchase price.

If the Buyer´s claim is not justified, the Seller shall, after notifying the Buyer of that fact, send the goods back to the Buyer at the Buyer´s cost. If the claim is not justified, the Seller may require the Buyer to compensate for the costs which the Seller incurred (for testing or repair) - according to a price-list of services.

VII. Final Provisions
Unless otherwise agreed between parties, these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall take effect on January 1, 2005; the effective wording of the Conditions shall be that published at the Seller´s web site on the day of sending an electronic Order by the Buyer. In addition, by sending his/her Order, the customer agrees, without reservation, to these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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