Light Monkey 2x 50 W HID Video System

ProducerLight Monkey
Weight3.40 kg
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Warranty 24 months

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Light Monkey 2x 50 W HID Video System

-Dual 50 Watt HID providing 5000 lumen output each at 6000 kelvin
-Powered by a 20aH Li-Po battery providing 80 minutes of burn time
-Enclosed charger is for 230V/110V input, recharge time from complete discharge is 12 hours.
-(3) 1/4-20 holes for mounting video arms
-Canister lid and both heads have plug able E/O cords and a "Y" connector
-Dry weight of 7.5 lbs.(3.4 kg.) 3 lbs. (1.36 kg.) negative.
-The canister 30,5cm Length, 7,5cm Diameter

The warranty for HID bulbs is 12 months.
The warranty for batteries is 6 months.