BOV SHRIMP - body only

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BOV SHRIMP - body only, no couplers included.

Ultracompact BOV for any type of SCR or CCR rebreather.
BOV body equipped with bayonet connectors. To this connectors you can select from wide range of connecting couplers for many type of rebreathers or hoses.
Available this version:
- Hammerhead, Kiss. Optima, Ouroboros, cooper hoses ot other hoses with internal diameter 40mm
- JJ, Draeger
- Inspiration/Evolution Vision - threaded
- Inspiration/Evolution Vision - clamped
- Megalodon, rEVO
- Sentinel

Integrated second stage design based on Apkes 2.stage and compatible with Apeks service kit.
LP hose connection can be selected from left or right side.

Used one-way valves are original Draeger.

Switching between rebreather loop and open circuit with ball valve. Switch handle can be extended with SS pin for better operation.

Please select Left or RIGHT option for 2.stage hose connection.