Fins Apeks RK3 HD Black

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Warranty 24 months

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Very robust and durable fins manufactured by Apeks.
In version HD is made from higher density material which make the fins stiffer and heavier.
Heavier fins are optimal for dry suite diving.

Two large grommet holes in blade designed to fit most karabiners for easy storage of the fins while accessing the dive site.

Fins delivered with integrated spring straps.

Medium (M) 1,1Kg per fin
Blade 49cm
Foot depth 22cm
Foot width 9cm

Large (L) 1,4Kg per fin
Blade 54.5cm
Foot depth 25.5cm
Foot width 9.5cm

Super (XL) 1,44 Kg per fin
Blade 57cm
Foot depth 27cm
Foot width 10cm