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The new generation of the popular Freedom computer comes in the + version.
Designed for beginners to advanced technical divers.

Compared to the previous generation, it includes the following improvements
- modernized computer electronics
- integrated Bluetooth module for wireless data transfer and firmware upgrade
- twice the battery life compared to the previous version
- EVA transport packaging is part of the delivery

Freedom+ allows you to store up to 9 mixtures with any oxygen and helium content (air, nitrox and trimix mixtures).
The computer performs an online decompression calculation according to Bühlmann's ZLH16 B or ZLH16 C algorithm.

Freedom+ support also Gauge mode and Freediving mode.

The computer replaces the previous versions of Basic nitrox, Advanced nitrox, Full trimix and also the Bottom timer version.

If you decide to buy this computer, you won't make a mistake. In the future, the computer software can be upgraded to the highest version of the closed circuit CCR.

The computer will thus grow along with your diving experience.

Included in the package of this computer are:
- Freedom+ Full Trimix computer
- EVA transport case
- USB charging cable
- wrist strap
- alternative elastic band
- silicone protective computer case
- screw cap of the connector

Freedom computer features:
• excellently legible full color TFT display 2.4"
• durable aluminum body protected by high-quality anodized
• decompression algorithm ZHL-16B or ZHL-16C
• ambient light detection and automatic display brightness adjustment
• gauge mode
• separate free diving mode with sophisticated functions
• color-coded modes for easier orientation
• USB port for data transfer
• 3 editable output speed zones
• selection of the last decompression stop (3/6m)
• flipping the display for right and left hand
• games
• each computer tested to a depth of 350m
• metric/imperial units
• textile strap or rubber bands

Users manual available for download on DIVESOFT website:
Users Manuals DIVESOFT

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