Sinoges 80 cuft Aluminium Tank

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Sinoges S80 (11.1L) aluminum bottle in brushed surface (brushed aluminum without coating) is a replacement for the popular Luxfer Brushed bottles. The bottle has exactly the same dimensions as the Luxfer S80.
In Europe also distributed by Scubatech company (Tecline).

The Chinese company Sinoges is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure cylinders in the world.
The offered bottle is supplied with a standard M25x2 thread and the bottle is certified by the European CE certificate.

The brushed surface will guarantee that your bottle will look the same even after several years of use, without any worn and corrosion-promoting paint.

S80 tanks are mainly used as a decompression bottle and progression bottle for cave diving.

The bottle is delivered as oxygen clean.

bottle size: 80cuft (11.1L)
thread in the neck: M25x2
thread recess: angular
weight: 14.4kg
working pressure: 207bar
diameter: 185mm
height: 660 mm
CE certificate: yes, based on norm 2017/68/EU, certification authority - SGS company