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Suunto Zoop Novo is a great value, easy-to-use dive computer for recreational divers.
Though Suunto Zoop is a great choice for your first dive computer, its full decompression capabilities and nitrox mode (supported one mix with O2 from 21% to 50%) mean it’s designed to give you years of serious fun. Also support Gauge and Freediving mode..

- Air and nitrox modes
- Super-bright phosphorescent LCD display
- Robust and durable
- Suunto RGBM
- Operating depth up to 80m
- PO2 adjustable from 1,2 to 1,6Bar
- optical and acoustic alarms
- dive planning
- PD dive logging via Suunto Dive Manager 5

Dimensions: 66.1 x 66.1 x 26.2 mm
Weight: 120g