DIVESOFT O2/HE Analyzer with simply flow limiter

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Latest Black version of the DIVESOFT O2/HE Analyzer with simply flow limiter.
New version with integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Analyzer can be also powered from standard 9V primary cell.

Delivered in semi hard EVA case in set wit sipmly flow limiter and power supply with international wall plugs adapters.

The analyzer with simple flow limiter to connect with the DIN and INT valves. There are a lot of accessories to connect it with. Now with OLED display and better electronics with lower energy usage.

This analyzer is intented primarily for use in checking the correct mixing of nitrox and trimix. After connecting the analyzer to a bottle with a breathing mixture, the content of oxygen and helium is shown as percentages directly on the display.

The same type of standard electrochemical sensor normally used in analyzers for diving is used to determine the oxygen content. The helium content is determined on the basis of measuring the speed of sound in the analyzed mixture.