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DUX Knife

DUX Knife

DUX stainless steel knife. The knife has a rounded front portion of the blade to prevent accidental damage suit. Serrated blade cuts...

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DUX knife  sheath

DUX knife sheath

DUX knife sheath is made from hard polyamide webbing. This heavy nylon sheath with elastic cord retainer is designed for mounting on the...

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DUX  Knife with  Sheath

DUX Knife with Sheath

DUX stainless steel knife with polyamid knife sheath. The knife has a rounded pinch and serrated edge along one side of the three-inch...

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Technical Titanium knife

Technical Titanium knife

Titanium knife for technical divers. Blade manufactured from Titanium is 6,5cm long. From one side is straight edge ended with line...

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Halcyon "H" Knife Titanium

The titanium Halcyon "H" knife consistently proves to be one of most popular DIR diving accessories. The sturdy nylon pocket mounts on the...

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