APEKS Sidemount Set

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Sidemount evolved from cave diving but it is such a safe and comfortable way of diving with multiple cylinders that it has now taken off as a system and technique that all technical and advanced recreational divers can use.

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of diving equipment with a proud history of innovation Apeks has developed the first CE approved sidemount regulator set specifically for this type of diving.

The Apeks Sidemount Set consists of:
2 x XTX 50 2nd Stages
2 x XTX Dryseal 1st Stages DST5 (including 5th Port)
1 x 0.6m Black Rubber Hose
1 x 2.1m Black Rubber Hose
2 x 20cm Black Flexi BC/Inflator Hoses
5 x Cable ties 5 x O ring
1 x 90° Degree Elbow
2 x Apeks SPGs with 20cm Pressure Gauge Hose
1 x 700mm Bungee Cord, 5mm thick
1 x 75mm Stainless Steel Bolt Snap
1 x Apeks Reg Bag