DIVESOFT FREEDOM Closed Circuit without cable

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Diving computer Freedom Closed Circuit is a higher version of DIVESOFT technical diving computers.
This version offer CCR on-line decompression with three oxygen cells connection possibility, constant PO2 decompression algorithm. All for nitrox and helium diluent mixtures and up to 9 off-board/bail-out gases.

Included in package:
- diving computer Freedom Closed Circuit
- USB charging cable
- fastenning strap
- bungee as alternative fastening option
- ergonomic thermo insulation pad

• full color TFT display 2,4"
• durable aluminum body
• decompression algorithm ZHL-16 for air, nitrox, trimix and heliox with gradient factors
• optional deep stops
• standard stops/ceiling choice
• choice of last stop depth (3/6m)
• SCR and CCR on-line decompression
• connection for three oxygen cells
• high-precision depth sensor
• easy-to-use two button control
• rechargeable Li-Ion battery
• top industrial quality and long-life electronics
• vibrating alarms
• color coded warnings
• advanced built-in dive planner
• up to nine mixtures
• five switchable screens during the dive including graphical dive profile
• ambient light detection and automatic light adjustment
• gauge mode
• separate free diving mode with sophisticated functions
• color-coded modes for easy recognition
• USB port for data transport
• reversible display for left/right hand
• decompression games
• 300m (1 000 ft) maximum diving 600 m (2 000 ft) tested
• metric/imperial units
• textile strap or bungee
• WETNOTES.COM on-line application for data transfer, logging your dives and sharing with others with numerous functions