KUBI dry glove set 80mm

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KUBI dry gloves are the result of long-term development of an experienced Slovak diver and instructor Peter Kubička.

The main component - the sealing rings are made of durable aluminum which is treated with hard anodizing.
Due to the high strength of the material used, it was possible to reduce the dimensions of the rings to an absolute minimum and diving with these rings is very comfortable. Compared to competing systems, they take up much less space on the sleeve.

The rings are available in 4 diameters 70,80,90 and 100mm. The choice depends only on the size of the diver's hand. Cut a circular hole of a given diameter into the carton and easily check which size is right for you.

The rubber gloves supplied with the system are very thin and have a non-slip surface. The inside has a velure finish that is very pleasant and non-absorbent. It is very easy to dry the sweaty gloves after the dive.

The kit is supplied with internal insulating gloves that have very good insulating properties.

The side of the glove is completely assembled. When installing, you only need to fit the side of the suit on the cuff.
The rings can be installed on all types of dry suit cuffs.

Size of circles 80mm
Size of rubber gloves XL (9,5)