Apeks Regulator XTX40 DS4 DIN M26 O2 clean

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APEKS factory prepared O2 clean Regulator set includes XTX50 2nd stage and DT4 1st stage with DIN M26 connector. Apeks Flexi Hose 75cm.

According to EN 144-3 a EN13949 norms set delivered with connector M26 required in EU for regulators used with gas mixtures with more than 40% of O2.
Suitable for use with pure oxygen.

First Stage DS4 Oxygen clean

* Swivel turret body
* 4 medium pressure ports, 4 x 3/8" UNF
* 1 high pressure ports, 1 x 7/16" UNF
* Environmentally dry sealed system
* Polished chrome finish
* Balanced for superior performance

Second Stage XTX40 Oxygen Clean

* Integrated venturi control
* Pneumatically balanced valve design
* Suitable for cold water use
* Bright Chrome Finish
* Right or Left hand hose configuration
* Two shot plastic front cover
* Changeable Exhaust Tees

Hose Apeks Flexi NITOX 75cm 3/8" UNF thread