APEKS MTX-R Sidemount Set

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The set prepared by Apeks for sidemount diving is based on the highest range of MTX regulators (MTX-R regulator platform),
This series of regulators was created according to the requirements of the NEDU unit - the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit for diving in extremely cold water and under extreme physical activity.

The robust regulator has a minimum of controls. It is reinforced and protected by impact-resistant parts at critical points. All components are designed for extreme conditions.
The 1st stage has MP outputs located on the rotating head and is equipped with fith axial MP output.

The 2nd stage can be fitted with long or short exhalation deflectors.

This set contains everything what you needed for sidemount configuration and consists of the following components:

2pcs of 1st degree MTX-R
membrane balanced closed by dry chamber - reinforced membrane integrated in the impact-resistant cover, massive heat exchanger around the dry chamber and main membrane, all-metal, forged body with maximizing the area for heat exchange with the environment
1st degree ports:
4 x parallel MP output 3/8 "UNF on a rotating head
1 x axial MP outlet 3/8 "UNF with heat exchanger and shockproof cover
2 x HP outlet 7/16 "UNF - inclined to the axis of the 1st stage for optimal hose routing

2pcs 2nd stage MTX-R
pneumatically balanced with DCE - the possibility of using two types of exhalation deflectors
RVS - possibility to connect the hose from the left or from the right side, massive heat exchanger around the seat with metal reinforced front cover
impact-resistant surfaces at critical points - the front cover, the upper part and the side of the 2nd stage
all injected parts and mouthpiece with antibacterial additive
round shower button for easy operation in gloves
anatomical COMFO-BITE mouthpiece
silicone exhalation valve

2 pcs of SPG Apeks TECH
manometer body made of nickel-plated brass
tempered glass window
black dial, white scale
diameter 52 mm

Flexible hoses included in the set:

1pc MP, TX, 61cm, 3/8 "UNF, DSW, black
1pc MP, TX, 210cm, 3/8 "UNF, DSW, black
2pcs MP inflator, FLEXI, 20cm, 3/8 "UNF, black
2pcs HP, TX, 18cm, 7/16 "UNF, black

1x Bungee Connector Kit
1x elbow between 2nd stage and hose - 90 °
2pairs exhalation deflectors short
1x stainless steel bolt snap 75 mm
5x cable tie (5x)
5x o-ring for attaching bolt snap to hoses
1x MTX bag for the regulator