DIR Style Apeks XTX50 Regulator Kit for Single Tank, MIFLEX hoses

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DIR Style Apeks Regulator Kit for Single Tank. All you'll need to set up your single tank, includes all hoses in correct lenghts, all bolt snaps in right sizes and the pressure gauge.

Kit includes:
- first stage Apeks DST4 DIN
- second stage Apeks XTX50
- second stage Apeks XTX40 Octopus
- MIFELX LP hose for primary regulator 210cm
- MIFLEX LP hose for back up regulator 56cm
- MIFLEX HP HP hose for pressure gauge 60cm
- DUX pressure gauge 300Bar
- 2 x DUX stainless steel bolt snap 1/2" for primary regulator and pressure gauge