Divesoft SOLO O2 Analyzer

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DIVESOFT SOLO O2 analyzer is a precise oxygen content analyzer in diving mixtures.

The analysis of gas with this analyzer is really easy. With automatic calibration, only one press to turn on and start measuring.

A completely unique feature on the market is the ability to upgrade with Helium sensor and obtain a full helium analyzer.

The analyzer is equipped with a quality OLED display and intuitive control keypad. In the body of the device, a thermometer is built to display ambient temperature and for the purpose of accurate oxygen content analysis in the mixture at extreme temperatures.
The analyzer also has a built-in pressure sensor for accurate automatic calibration.
Part of the analyzer is also built-in gas blending software.

Analyzer powered with built-in Li-ion battery. Battery charged via standard USB-C cable.

The body of the device is made of durable plastic.

Analyzer comes with this accessories:
- oxygen cell installed in analyzer
- USB-C charging cable
- Simple flow limiter to connect the analyzer to the valve
- semi-hard zipped transport case

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