Oxygen MAV with Needle Valve

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MAV (Manual Add Valve) with an integrated needle valve for supplying oxygen to the rebreather loop using the "constant mass flow" (CMF) method.

The body of the MAV, manufactured from solid Delrin, is equipped with a needle valve manufactured by Svagelock from SS316 stainless steel.

The MAV has two inlets fitted with 3/8" UNF fittings (common LP hose thread) and one outlet fitted with 3/8" UNF fittings.
You can replace all fittings with reducers for 9/16" UNF threads or a regular inflator quick coupler (reducers are supplied separately and can be found in the related good below on page)

The body of the MAV includes a button for manual oxygen supply - for example, in the event of a short-term increase in physical exertion during a dive.